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Everyone should be aware that it is possible to easily generate green and cheap electricity from the sun. With the help of a solar photovoltaic system you can capture the energy of the sun. This system works with photovoltaic cells and they do not need direct sunlight in order to work. Electricity can be generated even on a cloudy day. The sunlight is converted into electricity and you can use the electricity for lighting or to run appliances in your household.


Benefits of solar photovoltaic system

Installing a solar photovoltaic system in your home has a lot of benefits. It will significantly cut your bills for electricity. The sunlight is totally free, which means that after you invest in solar panels and their installation, you will actually start to save money because the electricity costs will be significantly reduced. There is also an option to get paid for the generated electricity. There are numerous government incentives that help people with solar panels installed in their houses. In case your solar system produces excess electricity, you can sell it to the grid. Solar energy is renewable, green, and it does not release pollutants and the harmful carbon dioxide.


How does a solar photovoltaic system work?

If you plan on installing solar panels, you may want to know how a solar photovoltaic system works. The photovoltaic cells are made from layers of silicon or some other semiconducting material. An electric field across the layers is created when light shines on the photovoltaic cells. If the sunshine is stronger, there will be more electricity produced. The cells are gathered in groups and form modules or panels that can be placed on your roof. The power of a photovoltaic cell is measured in kWp (kilowatts peak).  A kilowatt peak is the rate at which energy is generated in full direct sunlight and at peak performance during summer. There are various sizes and shapes of photovoltaic cells. You may decide for solar tiles as well. Instead of the ordinary roof tiles, you can use solar tiles. A solar tiles system will be twice as expensive as a solar panel system. Solar tiles are used for aesthetic reasons and in cases when panels are not suitable.


The cost for solar photovoltaic system

The cost for a solar photovoltaic system is affected by many different factors. Usually, if the system can generate more electricity than average, it also costs more. However, despite the initial costs, it will also save more in the future. Solar panels that are built into the roof will cost more than solar panels that are installed on top of the roof. Photovoltaic panels have the same price per kWp, while photovoltaic tiles can cost more than the typical panel system. The cost for a solar panel system has been drastically reduced in the last year. However, costs can vary between products and installers. It is advisable to get prices from different installers before making the final decision. After all, this is an investment for a lifetime.